New Tack & Horse Sales

Saturday, May 20th & September 16th, 2023


New Tack will be sold at 9:30 a.m. and Horses at 1:00 p.m.

Concession Stand will be open with some great tasting food and drink.

Ranch, Trail & Gaited Horses will be for sale!

 We are accepting consignment horses to sale also.

 Out of state horses must have current

Coggins & Health Certificate to enter sale.

 Your horse must be in good physical

condition to sell it here.

Call Kris Smith (814) 229-3290 


2023 Cook Forest Trail Ride Event Dates


During Events in 2023 there's an additional charge (unless noted) for these extra's: 

* Water & Electric Hook-Ups $8.00 per night

* You can use your own picket line to tie your horse to trees  located on outside perimeter only for $8.00 per night per horse.

     * Bring your own portable corral for $12.00 per night per horse located on outside perimeter only.

Box Stalls or Covered Livestock Panels $16.00 per horse per night  with minimum of each rides length. 

(at least 4 nights stay). 1 horse only in each Panel or Stall. 

Be sure to see Terrie in the office to pay and sign release forms before parking

She is normally in the office between 9 am and 5 pm. (Mon - Sat)

When putting up picket lines do not place buckets near the bark of tree nor

tie your horse near where they can reach a tree and damage the bark.

We have color coded trail maps for your usage and also an app for your cell phone!



2023 EVENTS - Save these dates!!!

Annual Horse and Tack Auctions are May 20th & September 16, 2023 

June Cowboy Week 2023 6 nights June 18th - 24th, 2023 ($425.00 per adult per week)

October Fall Foliage Ride 2023 is Wednesday Oct 3rd through Sunday the 8th, 2023. ($139.00 per adult)




Cowboy Week June 18th - 24th, 2023

 Includes:  6 nights 18th-24th / Camping

Sunday, June 18th at 8am Church services with Evangelist, Michael Smith

Sunday, June 18th Welcome Picnic at 5pm

Breakfast, Packed Lunch & Supper Buffet Monday - Friday

We have a trail app & maps for you to follow the trails by.

For entertainment, also enjoy

Band, Ranch Sorting, Tack Auction, Cattle Drive, Obstacle Course, Horseshoes, Volleyball

Free Demonstrations by Brandi Lyons, T.J. Pumphrey and Sadie Fisher

We are so happy to have the opportunity to showcase them with their  amazing abilities in training horses.  

Price is $425.00 per adult for the week.  

Childrens discounted rates apply for this ride also.  

Children 5 and under are FREE, Ages 6-10 are 1/2 price and Ages 11-13 are 25% discount

$50.00 nonrefundable deposit per adult is required. 

Please send in your reservations now.

Water & Electric Hook-Ups $8.00 per night.

        You can use your own picket line (outside perimeter only)  to tie your horse to trees for $8.00 per horse per night or bring your own portable corral for $12.00 per horse per night (also outside perimeter only).

Box Stalls or Covered Livestock Panels $16.00 per horse per night with minimum of each rides length. 

(at least 6 nights stay). 1 horse only in each Panel or Stall. 

Be sure to see Terrie in the office to pay and sign release forms before parking. 

She is normally in the office between 9 am and 5 pm. (Mon - Sat)

When putting up picket lines do not place buckets near the bark of tree nor

tie your horse near where they can reach a tree and damage the bark.

This ride is limited to 150 customers.

This is the only package available during this time slot.

No visitors nor daily rates available. 

Space is saved for our customers paying for the whole week ride. 

Thanks for your understanding.


Clinicians: Brandi Lyons, T.J. Pumphrey and Sadie Beiler Fisher will also be doing private sessions for an additional fee if you desire more individualized instruction.



Brandi Lyons carries on with the most trusted name in the horse industry. Over the last 22 years, she has become admired and respected by horse owners and enthusiasts from around the country. Brandi's success and popularity is based on a simple but seldom practiced philosophy her father pioneered decades ago: love and respect the riders first. Second you need to be willing to think out side the box, work hard, be honest and have fun! Then, success with the horses comes naturally. Brandi will show you that with some understanding and a little bit of work you can do anything with your horse. Brandi worked as a trainer while raising her kids for 16 years. For the past 4 years she has been working on the road giving her world renowned clinics to many all over the US and Canada. She has competed at Road to the Horse in 2022.

Brandi Lyons


Sadie Fisher is a John & Josh Lyons certified trainer and clinician located in Millerstown, Pa. She trains horses from starting colts, problem solving, trail riding, driving, to entertaining with trick horses and Roman riding. She has performed at many events in different states and took 1st place in The Horseman's Mission Colt Starting competition in 2019.


sadie fisher


T. J. Pumphrey is located in northeast Ohio. He focuses on finding the best ability in each and every horse. He likes to call it where the ranch horse meets the show pen. He shows in the ranch riding, reining, cowhorse, and sorting. Versatility is a huge focus, whether it be a horse that can be shown in multiple events or the show horse that can also be used outside for a job. He will be doing a judged Cattle Drive in a 35 acre field while at our facility.

TJ Pumphrey

 Send in your $50.00 nonrefundable deposit per adult to make reservations for this ride now!




Fall Foliage Ride October 3rd-8th, 2023


Come and enjoy the beautiful leaves in a wide array of colors while riding our 200 miles of majestic scenic trails.  

Includes 5 nights camping, Sunday morning church service, Buffet supper Thursday,  Friday and Saturday, Thursday Ranch Sorting for beginner or advanced rider, Friday - Tack Auction, Saturday - Live Moore Brothers Band and Costume Party.  It is so fun to see how the campers have decorated their sites for Halloween and dressed up in cleverly designed costumes.  It's a blast so don't miss out! 

Box Stalls and Livestock Panels with Roof are available for rent. ($16.00 x 5 nights = $80.00)  Those wishing to "high line or picket" their horse with their own line tied to trees (protect trees) are charged $8.00 per horse per day/nite located only on outside perimeters of campground or those bringing their own small portable corral are charged $12.00 per horse per day/night outside perimeters of campground only.   Water/Electric Hookups are available to reserve at the rate of $8.00 per night.  Cabins with and without bathrooms are available to rent also.  3 Deluxe $99.00 x 5 nights and 2 Primitive $60.00 x 5 nights with no bathroom; all have electricity, heater and fan.  Deluxe also has air conditioning and bedding and bathroom with shower, sink, commode.  Pictures are available online. 


Price $139.00 per adult.  Children's rates apply during this event.  


 Send in your nonrefundable $20.00 per person deposit today!!!

Ammenities need to be paid in full with deposit.


Thank You!!!

Happy Trails Always,

Ray and Terrie Smith



We appreciate your business.



Prices & information subject to change without notice.

We now accept VISA and MasterCard. (May15-Oct18)

Cash (US currency), bank cashiers check, or postal money order preferred for payment. Personal checks are also accepted. 

If you have given us a bad check for insufficient funds in the past then you must prepay early enough for your balance to be paid in full at least 2 weeks prior to ride date starting.

Cancellation Policy: The amount you pay is non-refundable and non-transferrable unless cancelled two weeks prior to the scheduled ride date. Those who need to cancel and have given proper notice will receive deposit refund minus the $20.00 per person reservation fee (or $50.00 June Ride reservation fee). Not applicable to stall rentals, horse rentals nor cabin rental deposits. If you do cancel these, we will try to rent them to someone else.

If we are successful we will in turn give you your deposit back on these as well. Thank you.  Happy Trails!!!


Experienced riders: bring your own horse to our offiical trailride for an experience you will never forget!
(For experienced riders with their own horse)
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Dude Ranch

Come be a cowboy and enjoy horseback riding, homemade food and rustic accomodations.
(For novice or experienced riders with one of our rental horses)
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Horse Camping

Interested in horse camping?  Come stay with us on our spacious campground!
(For those wishing to camp with their own horse)
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