Electric Hookup... $8.00 during Special Guest Trainers Events; May, June Cowboy Week, July Event, August Event, Labor Day Wknd Event & October Event / free to horse campers when there is not any event going on.

Tie Stall Rental... $8.00 during Special Guest Trainers Events; May, June Cowboy Week, July, August, Sep., & Oct. Events / free to horse campers when there is not any event going on.  You must leave your stall clean before leaving camp.


Box Stalls........... $20.00 per single night / 4 or more nights $16.00 per night / during events must pay for all nights

Livestock Panels....with roof = $20.00 per night / 4 or more nights $16.00 per night / during events must pay for all nights.

Livestock Panels....without any roof = $12.00 per night only / during events must pay for all nights.

You must bring your own sawdust to maintain stalls daily.  All stalls and panels must be cleaned and stripped completely before leaving campgrounds.  Put all bedding in manure bins located by stalls.

Lodging... We offer 2 Deluxe Cabins,($75.00 per cabin up to 2 ppl, xtra 3 and 4 person $10 each more per night) During Events Cabins must be rented for the full time.  2 night minimum stay on weekends even when no events going on.  These cabins include: 1 full size bed with linens, 1 bunk bed with linens, bathroom with shower, sink & comode, electricity, heater, fan, air conditioning, small refrigerator, toilet tissue and paper towels included.  You must bring your own towels and toiletries etc.., porch with picnic table and fire ring area with another picnic table are located outside of cabin.  No Dogs in Cabins.

 2 mini cabins.($50.00 per cabin up to 2 ppl) These cabins are basically a place to sleep with electricity, heater, fan, and 2 full size bunkbed, no linens provided..please call for details & availability.  No Dogs in Cabins.  Call (814) 856-2081 or camp number (814) 226-5985 (during the months of May, June, July, August, Sep. & October) and ask for Terrie. All cabin rentals must be paid up front and are non-refundable unless I rebook them for you.  If I rebook you will receive your full cabin refund back!

Rates Vary by Different Situations:

    • Rates with your own horse - Organized Food Rides - see Schedule of Events Page

      New Tack & Horse Sale - Saturday, May 12th, 2018

      New Tack will be sold at 11:00 a.m. and Horses at 2:00 p.m.

       Concession Stand will be open with some great tasting food and drink.

       Ranch, Trail & Gaited Horses will be for sale!

       We are accepting consignment horses to sale also.

       Out of state horses must have current Coggins & Health Certificate to enter sale.

       Your horse must be in good physical condition to sell it here.

      Contact Kris Smith @ (814) 229-3290

      2018 Cook Forest Trail Ride Event Dates

      On the "Event Dates" you can ride on your own on the trails with your own horse or go with the group guided ride.

      During all events in 2018 there's an additional charge for these extra's:  Water & Electric Hook-Ups $8.00 per night, Tie Stalls $8.00 per night, Box Stalls or Covered Livestock Panels $16.00 per night with minimum of each rides length. Livestock Panels with no cover $12.00 per night 1 horse only in each Panel or Stall.

      Be sure to see Terrie in the office to pay and sign release forms before parking.  She is normally in the office between 9 am and 5 pm.

      When putting up picket lines do not place buckets near the bark of tree nor tie your horse near where they can reach a tree and damage the bark.

      (We have color coded trail maps for your usage and also an App)

      May 14-19, 2018 Spring Ride  With Food Included

      The May Spring Ride is a wonderful time to come and enjoy the fresh mountain air amid

      natures beauty.  The woodlands are so lush and green.  It truly is a vacation to remember.

      Also includes:  Up to 6 nights camping, Free Guide Service, (Wednesday - Sunday). 

      We are proud to host; JOHN LYONS, America's Most Trusted Horseman.  He will give

      FREE DEMONSTRATIONS Thursday - Sunday.  John has spent a lifetime dedicating his

      time to bettering the relationship between horse and rider and has revoluntionized the

      horse industry with his sucessful training methods and techniques. 

      John will do private sessions also. Call: 970-260-9342. 

      We will have pizza Wednesday and offer a Buffet Supper 5:00 pm Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

      Thursday we will have Ranch Sorting for beginners and also for advanced riders with Jack Pot!

      We are having a Tack Auction with all NEW Merchandise for sale Friday evening from 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm. 

      Saturday evening we are having a live band for your enjoyment. 

      You can ride the trails on your own with a map and app for your phone or

      go with the guides which leave daily at 9:30 am from camp. 

      Price is only $139.00 per adult. $20.00 nonrefundable deposit due at time of reservation.  

      Children 5 and under are FREE, Ages 6-10 are 1/2 price and Ages 11-13 are 25% discount. 

      This is the only package available during this time slot.  Send in your reservations now.  

      June 17-23, 2018  Cowboy Week Ride With Food Included
          Breakfast, Packed Lunch & Supper (Monday - Friday)

      Includes:  6 nights/7 days Camping,

      Welcome Picnic & Moore Brothers Band Sunday starting at 5:00 pm.        

           Breakfast, Packed Lunch & Supper Buffet Monday - Friday

      You can utilize our Free Guide Service to explore the numerous trails or take a map with you

      and venture out on your own.  We also have a phone app.  For entertainment, enjoy Mechanical

      Bull Riding, & Ranch Sorting with Ken McNabb, Canoeing, Tack Auction, Horseshoes, Volleyball,

      and Free Demonstrations by Ken McNabb.  We are so happy to have the opportunity to showcase

      him with his amazing abilities in training horses.  He is widely known as "Todays Modern Day Roy

      Rogers."  He is located in Greybull, Wyoming.  You can see him on RFD TV Weekly. 

      Ken is also doing a judged extreme cowboy race.  The winner will receive a belt buckle!!!

      Price is $379.00 per adult for the week.  Childrens discounted rates apply for this ride also.  (see May above)

      $50.00 nonrefundable deposit per adult is required.  Please send in your reservations now.

      *****Special Deal:  The first 50 Adult Customers who send in their reservations will receive $50.00 

      off their cost; thereby, making their vacation only be $329.00!!!  Wow What a deal!!!

      Ken will also be doing private sessions for an additional fee if you desire more individualized instruction.  Phone:  307-645-3149.


      July 16 - 21, 2018  The Best Of America By Horseback With Tom Seay

      Be part of the Television Show on RFD TV!!!

      This event includes 6 nights camping; Monday through Saturday, Trail Riding with Free GuideService leaving camp at 9:30 am,

      Wednesday evening Pizza and Home Cooked Buffet Supper Thursday, Friday & Saturday at 5:00 pm, 

      Entertainment includes:   Live Band, Tack Auction and Ranch Sorting. 

      Price: $139.00 per person!  Discounted children's rates apply also.

      Send in your $20.00 nonrefundable deposit today!


      August 6 - 11, 2018 August Trail Ride with Food Included

      Price $139.00 per person! Children's Discounted Rates apply.

      Includes 6 nights camping, Free Guide Service, Free Demonstrations on Thursday, Friday and Saturday by Brandi Lyons.  Wednesday Pizza, Thursday, Friday and Saturday Supper Buffet, Band, Tack Auction, Ranch Sorting for beginner and advanced with Jack Pot.  Brandi is offering to  conduct a 3 or 5 day clinic with your horse and also hourly privates.  Contact Brandi at 623-261-6352 for more information.

      Send in your nonrefundable deposit of $20.00 today!



      August 31 - September 4, 2017  Labor Day Weekend Ride with Food Included

      Featuring:  JOSH & AUSTIN LYONS

      This event includes Camping and Free Guide Service for those wanting to be escorted on their trail riding

      adventure along natures picturesque landscapes and crystal streams.  We offer over 200 miles of trails for

      your convenience to explore and enjoy amid horse back. 

      Wednesday we'll have Pizza. Thursday, Friday and Saturday we will have a supper buffet at 5:00 pm with all homemade cooking,  

      We will have a Tack Auction Friday evening at 7:00 pm, Live Band on Saturday, and back

      by popular demand Ranch Sorting will also be available for both beginners and advanced riders with Jack Pot. 

      We are so blessed to host Josh & Austin Lyons during this event.  They will do Free Demonstrations. 

      Call Josh for booking 1, 2 or 3 day Private Clinics for you and your own  horse at 970-260-4170

      They are located at Cross Plains, Tennessee.  Their philisophy of "Knowledge and Motivation are the only tools needed

      to bring to the barn" and Josh's "trust not trauma approach" has made him a respected top horseman and trainer. 

      He is also an amazing person with a heart of gold!!!  The price for this amazing event is only $139.00 per adult.

      $20.00 nonrefundable deposit required.  Children discounted rates apply.

        Please send in your reservation form with your deposit.  We look forward to visiting with you. 

      Happy Trails!


      October 1-6, 2017 Fall Foliage Ride with Food Included

      $139.00 per Adult Special

       Includes Camping with Free Guide Service or ride on your own with our app or map. 

      Also, Wednesday (3rd) Picnic with Trimmings, Thursday, Friday and Saturday (4th - 6th) Supper Buffet,

      Tack Auction, Live Band, Ranch Sorting,

       Halloween Social, Dress Up Your Campsite and Wear a  Costume!

      We are a christian family atmosphere please no resque costumes.

       Children discounted rates apply.  $20.00 nonrefundable

      deposit required.  Send in your reservations as soon as possible.


                                                      HAPPY TRAILS TO ALL!

      We appreciate your business.



    • Rates renting one of our horses - Dude Ranch Packages!
  • Dude Ranch - All inclusive package for inexperienced or experienced riders, stayin in cabin, private guide, 3 meals a day provided, INCLUDES HORSE RENTAL. ($175.00 per day per person or $800.00 per week per person - 5 days Monday - Friday only)  4 PERSON MINIMUM Book 3-6 months ahead of time for availability.


  • Horse Camping when no event going on -  $29.00 per rig up to 2 ppl in your unit.  BRING YOUR OWN HORSE.
  • Day Riding (with your own horse) - $10.00 per person per day, no overnight stay (when there is not an event going on only)
  • Steak Supper ($69.00) Rides also available.  These rides are 2 hours long and include your meal also.  Minimum of 6 people to do this ride with meal.
       Gratuities Not Included In Pricing.

       Phone: Winter: November through April:  814 856-2081

              Summer: May through October:   814 226-5985


Prices subject to change without notice.

We now accept VISA and MasterCard.

Cash (US currency), bank cashiers check, or postal money order preferred for payment. Personal checks are also accepted; send in early enough to clear the Bank.

Cancellation Policy: The amount you pay is nonrefundable and non-transferrable unless cancelled two weeks prior to the scheduled ride date. Those who need to cancel and have given proper notice will receive deposit refund minus the $20.00 per person reservation processing fee. (May, July, Aug, Sep & Oct) Not applicable to stall rentals, horse rentals nor cabin rental deposits. (June Cowboy Week.  Deposit $50.00 nonrefundable.) If you do cancel these, we will try to rent them to someone else. If we are successful we will in turn give you your deposit back on these also.

Thank you. (814) 856-2081


Experienced riders: bring your own horse to our offiical trailride for an experience you will never forget!
(For experienced riders with their own horse)
More information 

Dude Ranch

Come be a cowboy and enjoy horseback riding, homemade food and rustic accomodations.
(For novice or experienced riders with one of our rental horses)
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Horse Camping

Interested in horse camping?  Come stay with us on our spacious campground!
(For those wishing to camp with their own horse)
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