Day riding the trails with your own horse is available at the rate of $10.00 per person per day plus tax. Come and get away for the day and enjoy nature's tranquility on horseback! This is for those who want to bring their own horse and ride on our trails. This is available ONLY when there is NOT an Organized Food Ride scheduled. Please call ahead of time to let Terrie know you are planning on coming. She can have trail maps ready for you upon arrival.


Hourly Ride with Rental Horses (2 person minimum)
Riding For One Hour $35.00/person
Riding For Two Hours $59.00/person
Riding For Three Hours $79.00/person

Half-Day Ride
Riding For Three Hours $79.00/person

Clarion River All-Day Ride
Most Popular Ride. Definitely a wonderful memory maker for you and your family.
2-3 People $139.00/person
4 or More People $129.00/person
Very scenic 5 hour ride and a packed lunch provided on trail.